5-day creative escapes in great cities of the world.

Today we talk with husband and wife team Angie and Jeremy Stone, co-founders of Creative Cities 21

Tell us about your journey so far

In December 2017 after 30+ years of successful corporate life, I left a senior role in a global professional services business and with Angie, co-founded a new business.

This exciting decision was due to an amazing 7-week creative immersion in New York City. It was mid-2017 and I was in need to do something very different, to put myself out there, to feel, tingle, breathe – so with Angie, moved to NYC where we enrolled in acting, painting and live sketching classes in some of the finest studios in NYC. Angie also found the time for a morning yoga session in a wonderful studio around the corner. We also committed to getting to know one new person for everyday we were there, so we could connect, learn and be inspired by the local community (we also happened to meet Robert DeNiro, Liam Hemsworth, Rebel Wilson, Poppy King and more!).

We lived like locals, explored like tourists and learned with the freedom of 5-year old’s!

This trip was so impactful and inspiring, we thought others would benefit from a similar experience.

On returning home we undertook some research on the power of creativity, wellness, immersive and experiential travel. We saw an opportunity to offer something new that was helpful for others.  

We co-founded Creative Cities 21 to re-energise people through 5-day creative escapes in great cities of the world. The program combines the best elements of immersive travel and workshops in painting, acting and innovation, providing a unique, fun and impactful creative learning experience.