A Red Carpet makup affair

Today we talk with Liz Sharp about her amazing makeup workshops,: Avant-Garde through to Red Carpet,  Painting, Airbrushing and Special Effects (Spfx)

Why are you passionate about your class or activity, and where did your passion stem from?
I  have been working since 17 years old ( 24 years ago) in the Make-up /  Spfx/ Visual Art scenes. I have gained so much valuable knowledge over  the years working in these industries. I love sharing and inspiring  others dreams helping the industry nurture new artists.

Why should people attend your class?

Our  Industry is a community these classes are a way to join a supportive & passionate group. They return as they see how much they can learn  from me.

What makes your class extra special?

Being  real, telling them all my mistakes I have made over the years, mainly to benefit them to learn smarter & faster then I did.

What  experience do you create for your attendees?

I give them the confidence to see  how good they can be, igniting their dreams with a pathway that  constantly directs them to learn and better themselves.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

Meeting passionate people that I can help