An Experience the Kids will Rave about

Got kids 18 months to 7 years and searching for a fun, healthy activity? Soccer classes with Alex and his team of phenomenal coaches may be your answer!

Your kids will thrive on the positive, fun-filled classes, which will leave them saying ”Can we do that again, Mummy?”

Alex and his team are passionate about kids. Their mission is to keep children fit and healthy: getting kids off their bottoms to do something active! Plus, Alex really knows his stuff when it comes to engaging young ones.

Alex personally knows all 300 children (who are currently enrolled) by name. But more impressively, he and his team know the kids’ mannerisms, who they like to sit with, what games they like, what games they don't like, who needs extra help, and who is more independent.

So it’s no wonder that Alex was named one of the top five children’s activity leaders in 2017 for Australia and New Zealand.

Parents are thrilled with his classes. They remark on the coaches’ enthusiasm, and how each child is treated equally so every kid’s experience is a positive one.

So if you’ve been searching for a unique experience in a caring environment — that the kids will rave about — you’ve found it. And best of all? They’re one of the most affordable soccer classes on the Sunshine Coast. You can book your little kickers in here