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The thing I have always loved most about being a netballer is that you get to work with a determined and like-minded group of people who are all trying to achieve a goal together.  Each individual has their own personal goals, but together you are stronger, and by working and supporting one another, the best outcome can be achieved by all.  It was from this passion and mindset that  

Body Be Ready came to be.

Both netball and fitness have always played a huge role in my life, and over the years my love of fitness has seen me help many families and friends to achieve their own goals. In 2015, I was due to go back to work in the Brisbane CBD, when a small group of fellow mums that I had been training with, expressed their extreme disappointment that our regular exercise sessions would no longer be.  Never one to enjoy letting people down, I thought to myself, “Maybe I can have the best of both worlds and make this my job!”  And that’s exactly what I did.

Body Be Ready grew very quickly and from the very beginning it was obvious that many other people also loved not only feeling fitter and stronger, but wanted to be a part of something that they really felt they belonged to.  They wanted to ‘find their tribe’ and I love that at Body Be Ready, all members are able to do this within this amazing and diverse group.

The group consists mainly of mums, and as a mother of four myself, our eight-week programs are run within each school term. Members are able to attend each of the seven classes on offer each week, or attend casually as their busy lives permit.  All classes are held outside in the beautiful local parks, which allows us to take in the fresh air and have the kids run around beside us, ensuring everyone goes home happy!

Each eight-week program is finished with a challenge (and celebration!), and over the years we have completed a ‘Dash Around Town’, climbed rock walls, awkwardly jigged our way through a dance class, dominated Mt Cootha, and lived the life of an ironwoman down at Burleigh Beach, just to mention a few.  We work hard, but we also enjoy good times together. It’s not just the achieved goals but these special memories that make this ‘tribe’ so wonderful to be a part of.  

I couldn’t feel luckier to do what I do, and there is not a single day that I don’t look around the group and think how proud I am of each and every one of them. They each have different fitness levels, different backgrounds, different motivations, different fears, different goals – but the one thing that never changes is that exhilarating feeling they each get when they step outside of their comfort zone and achieve something that they may never have thought they could. For me, that is the greatest reward of my job – not only do I continually get to watch new friendships and connections being made, but I love being able to show others how incredible they are, and highlight exactly what they can do when they believe in themselves and have support. Teamwork really does make the dreamwork, and if you couple that with the mindset of exercising for the way it makes you FEEL, you will never be disappointed.  The Body Be Ready team are living proof of that!

Words by Katie Walker

Pictured provided by Katie Walker

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