Calling all Wise Women

Sometimes it takes a little insight from someone who's been there to help us transform ourselves to what we want to be.

Today we talk with Jacqueline Quenault on her wise women workshops, Envision 2019 - Life planning and coaching

Why are you passionate about your class or activity, and where did your passion stem from?

In the past I had been a single Mum with a large family, very overweight and seriously struggling to make ends meet. Through a change of mindset I was able to totally turn my life around and make such tremendous change in my life and the life of my children and I want to share that message with other women. My life could not be more different, I have a wonderful husband, three houses, I travel the world and have doubled the size of the family! Ask and Ye shall receive. I truly did double my blessings, all with a simple mindset change.

Who attends your workshops?

Women who are looking for clearer direction, for a purpose and for their passion to be reignited - these are the people who attend and love the workshops that I run. We build connections with other women in similar situations, and we rise together.

Is there anything more powerful than a room full of strong women with a common purpose?

Women join the class feeling timid, a little lost and lacking in direction, like they are standing at a cross road and aren’t sure what’s next. They leave feeling impassioned and awakened. Ready for any challenge that will occur and safe in the knowledge that they are ready to rise.

What makes your class extra special?

Strength of spirit. The having been there and done that - not just talking the talk - I have lived it. I know it can happen to you as well because I have proved that it can happen to anyone. I now live ocean front on a tropical island, after once having to spend months living in a tent with all the children. Life hasn’t always been easy but I’m living proof that we can turn it all around

After people attend your workshop, what do they take feel or remember about the class?

Without a doubt they will feel empowered, passionate about the future, determined to succeed and with an increased awareness of their abilities to succeed. The words we speak become the life that we live. I have the most fabulous feedback from participants, and over the years I’ve watched them grow and blossom into incredible women with careers and passions that have set them alight.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to holding your workshop?

The power in the room. The awakenings and the light bulb moments that occur in the day - watching the women wake up, and Step into their own power - it’s totally amazing!