Connecting Soul Beings Programs

Today we're talking with Bianca de Reus about her online and face-to-face workshops, Connecting Soul Beings.

Why are you passionate about your class, and where did your passion stem from?

Great  question! I LOVE animals and inspiring people. One day, I was  approached by a snake, who told me to go out into the world and do my  job; re-connecting people with animals and themselves. At first it was a  BIG ask, but I have now truly honed into my purpose and mission. I love  being able to be the voice for animals, and passing on the messages and  their experiences in this lifetime with their human guardians. My  mission is to reach 1 million animals through 5 million people around  the globe, so everyone is experiencing love, harmony and joy together.  So, teaching others these amazing skills is a joy in itself!

Why should people attend your class?

The  course allows them to explore how they can re-connect to their own  inner being, clear any blockages, challenges and residue. This opens up  the channel to re-learn the connection they have with all beings, including their pets. They are able to hear, feel or see what their  animals are sharing with them. It's a loving and practical process the  workshop material takes them through. Over  the years I have learned that teaching other people to tune into  themselves, and their animals, brings them clarity, harmony and love.  They truly experience conscious connection, as they tap into their heart in full alignment. And being able to go back to the program material, deepens the experience and the connections.

What makes your class  extra special?  

In  addition to being a qualified trainer, experienced speaker, animal  communicator and qualified coach and mentor, I am also a Reiki Master.  By holding the space and providing a safe, trusting environment, people  are able to give their all to the process. Being raw, authentic and  fully open to the learning, they walk away feeling energised, connected  and passionate about the prospect of talking to as many animals as they  want, and truly remain open to the connection they have with their Soul.

What  experience do you create for your attendees?

After the event, they still enjoy support from me, and their  peers, through one-on-one and/or group mentoring sessions, depending on  the program they choose.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

The  transformations! I sounds cliche, but people do transform. I guide them to be fully re-connected to their core being. I love when I  see in their eyes, they have that connection back. It's like meeting an  long-lost, much loved friend. And to then see them connect with animals,  and the joy that brings them... This truly is my joy!

Bianca runs classes in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Book into Bianca's Soul-to-Soul Animal Connection Workshop here