Exercise guidelines for postpartum women

Australasian fitness professionals come together to raise awareness for better care for new mums returning to exercise.

Fitness Professional Jody Secker of MumaBubs (Fitness Specialist For Mums) joins entrepreneur and author ‘How to Love your Body as much as your Baby’, Jen Dugard, in a crusade to ensure more stringent exercise guidelines for postpartum women.

Sydney, Australia: A team of fitness professionals from Australia and New Zealand have chosen collaboration over competition to lead the way in raising awareness of the importance of postpartum care when women begin to exercise after becoming mothers.

After a 6-week post-delivery check-up, most mums are given the all clear to resume exercise routines as normal without much discussion around how to safely exercise after birth. According to founder of Body Beyond Baby and author of ‘How to Love your Body as much as you Baby’, Jen Dugard, there is need for more education around safe return to exercise after having a baby.According to the Continence Foundation of Australia, one in three women who’ve ever given birth experience wet themselves, while 50% experience some level of prolapse, yet only one in every five seek medical help. Incontinence still has somewhat of an embarrassing stigma attached to it despite being impacting 4.8 million Australians. (https://www.continence.org.au/pages/deloitte-report.html). It’s just one aspect personal trainers should be aware of without clients searching for a tactful way to broach the subject.

“Women can experience exercise-induced prolapse which may be prevented if fitness professionals were more aware of what was going on inside of a women’s body, treated her weakness conservatively and ensured she had the right exercise prescriptions,” said Dugard.

As personal trainers are often a mum’s first port of call when she wants to start exercising again, Body Beyond Baby affiliated fitness instructors, who all feature on the Body Beyond Baby website but operate under their own brand and run their own unique programs believe proper care and education should be available for all mums.

Their collaboration under the Body Beyond Baby umbrella is the first step in raising awareness in the importance of education on postnatal exercise and they recently met at a central location from as far away as Perth and Auckland to discuss supporting each others business and the many women they look after.

“We know that our voices together are stronger than they are alone, so we’re encouraging personal trainers and group fitness instructors throughout Australia and New Zealand to get educated on postpartum care and help new mum’s create a plan to move forward confidently in an exercise

All Body Beyond Baby affiliated fitness professionals are ‘Safe Return to Exercise’ (SRE) accredited and work closely alongside Women’s Health Physiotherapist’s to ensure the best possible care for their client

‘Safe Return To Exercise’ is accredited by Fitness Australia, Physical Activity Australia and is in application for REPS (NZ)

As an affiliate of Body Beyond Baby, Jody Secker, has been working closely now with Jen Dugard for 1 year.

“For all our mums, our goal is to ensure that as a result of training with us, each woman can have choices with how they use their body, whether that be returning to activities they enjoyed prior to having a baby, attempting new physical challenges, or, simply enjoying life without fear of pain or social embarrassment.”  said Jody Secker.

About Jody Secker:

Mum of 2, fitness coach for women and an entrepreneur, Jody Secker is on a mission to encourage, educate and empower mums to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life, from the inside out, so that they thrive as the woman they are AND the mother they have become. Through her in-person and online programs, which take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Jody supports other women, other mums, to feel energised, strong, fit and healthy, inside and out, at every stage of their ‘mum’ journey.