Fashion and Style for all

Today we're talking with Shannon Meddings about her Style Machine workshops. Shannon educates on how to dress for your shape, the elements of illusion dressing and to build on this with colour, style and navigating the trends.

Why are you passionate about your class, and where did your passion stem from?

Many years ago when I was working as a fashion editor and on TV with celebrities I was asked to run a month  long workshop with clients in a popular shopping destination. My clients came to me because they were upset they would never look like the images they see in media.

From the work I did as an editor  with models- I knew that even the models only looked that way after 2 hours of hair and makeup, a wardrobe that was most of the time pinned to create the shape we desired and of course the right angle and lighting in photography with photoshop on top.

At this point I became obsessed with bodyshape as I was also working in TV at the time and celebrities are not 6ft,  size 8 models, I had to dress them without the use of pining the clothes as they needed to move and had 360 degree vision of them.

What I teach in my workshops is how to do this in life, create longer legs, a slimmer figure and a  proportioned look now matter what your size and shape I can achieve this and sharing this information with my audience and empowering them is what i love to do.

Why should people attend your class?

When you sign up to my class you will be sent our unique Style Machine questionnaire that you will fill out prior to the class, This will allow us to assess your bodyshape, colours and style ID. From here you will receive a guide book on all the styles that suit you, the colours and trends for the season including my favourites for each bodyshape  and style ID. Fashion is an ever changing landscape and we all want to  feel good and look great, navigating what the trends are and what they want to sell us is very different to what one should be wearing using their bodyshape, colours and style. This is how people get into a mess because they don't understand what is being presented  to them in relation to them and what looks best on them and what they actually love.

What makes your class extra special?

Using my unique tools I can practically understand the best styles for any person, what I think is  unique to me and my team is that I offer a service, I make fashion an attainable goal for anyone. To many people out  there think that fashion is only for a particular few, that they cant wear the trends and this causes so much anxiety when getting dressed and showing up in life, it truly brakes my heart. Ive worked with the A-listers to women and men running everyday, busy lives and I treat every situation with the same care and understanding. Every client puts their vulnerabilities in my care and with that responsibility I give each person the exact same level of respect. Empowering people through education and insight is what I do.

What experience do attendees take away from the class?

If I have done my job right then each audience member will walk away with a better understanding of their  bodyshape and how to dress for it. The experience is fun and  involving so my clients understand the basics of shape, colour style and the trends of the season. After the workshop they audience should feel a lot more empowered  about dressing for themselves and how to approach fashion and styling. Each attendee will also go home with a personalised guidebook on their Essentials. This includes all the styles that suit their bodyshape and illusion dressing. A personalised colour palette to keep on their smarts phones containing 50 of their best colours and a breakdown of their style ID, what are the best anchor pieces for your wardrobe and how to create a style look from these.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

What I love about holding my workshops is breaking down the walls of what people think fashion to be and building that back up with an understanding that fashion is for any and every body shape, age and style and does not need to cost a small fortune, especially when you shop smart. With my skills and knowledge I demonstrate that fashion and style is accessible and to all.