The True 'Core'

An important term that we believe is commonly misconceived, is the ‘Core’. Many people think the core is the whole abdomen and tend to brace and lock in their upper abdominals. Most ‘Core’ exercises focus solely on strengthening the rectus abdominis through crunches, planks or russian twists. Whilst this may give you that 6-pack you have always dreamt about, your core is much more complex than that. It is formed by your diaphragm, multifidus, pelvic floor, and transverse abdominis which together stabilise and support your back.

You can think of your core as the foundation of a house, without laying the foundations, the walls and structure will eventually crumble. Having a strong core is imperative to stabilising and protecting your lumbar spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle especially when exposed to high loads thus, a strong core, prevents injuries when bending forward, side to side or rotating excessively.

To ensure you are correctly activating your core it is important to engage your pelvic floor when you are performing these core exercises. In addition to this, try not to brace with your upper tummy, as this acts like a coffee plunger and increases the pressure on your pelvic floor!

Perth Physiotherapy Session

Tahlia Cranley is the senior physiotherapist and owner of Perth Physiotherapy and Pilates. She has 10 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has a special interest in back pain and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. Our physiotherapists, Tahlia and Anggun, use Pilates and physiotherapy exercises as a form of rehabilitation and tailor each program to meet the needs and goals of their clients. These classes also focus on improving your functional strength and stability and optimising muscle activation in order to get you back to your best form and reduce risk of future injuries. It is safe for all ages and fitness levels and is also a great form of antenatal exercise.

At Perth Physiotherapy and Pilates our passion is getting you back to doing what you love pain free and ensuring that you are your best self! Whether you’re recovering from an injury or wish to increase your overall health and wellbeing, our experienced physiotherapists use a combination of different techniques including; joint mobilisation, Pilates, real time ultrasound, soft tissue release, dry needling and exercise prescription in order to meet your needs and goals. We are passionate about treating the cause of the problem and educating clients regarding their injury and management.