Guitar Party

Looking for something different for your kids party?  Today we caught up with Bryce to learn more about kids guitar parties.

Why are you passionate about your guitar parties, and where did your passion stem from?

I have been teaching guitar to young children in schools since 1988 and was frustrated with the poor standard of teaching resources that were available for young kids, so I wouldn’t start teaching them till about the age of nine. One day about ten years ago, the Music Director told me that I must teach these kids because their parents have already paid for lessons. Even though there were books on the market that look like they’re aimed at young children, the educational philosophy of those resources is the same as that for teaching an adult or older child. As a result, they leave children frustrated and disillusioned. Here’s where I put my teacher training and years of observation into practice. I challenged the old educational model and realised that I need to teach young kids to read music and play the guitar based on the way that young kids naturally learn, and that’s through observation and imitation. I developed my own method, published my own book and am constantly buoyed by the reaction I get from parents and students to it.

What do people get out of booking a guitar party?

My one-hour class is the ideal way to give your child a taste of what it’s like to learn to play the guitar. Parents can use the instruments that I supply and don’t need to provide their own.

What makes your lessons extra special?

I’m very patient with kids and have a good sense of fun.

What might kids think, feel, and remember about your party?

The kids will enjoy the experience of playing together, in time and with recorded backing tracks that give the sensation that they are playing with a real band. They’ll walk away with a sense of accomplishment and a positive attitude. Many will want regular guitar lessons after the experience.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your party?

I look forward to challenging the mental and physical skills of young children and seeing their joy as they play for their parents.

You can book Bryce's guitar party on mudputty