Helping Women Believe They Can

Today Peta Gillian takes us through her amazing Ageless Grace workshops for women, empowering women of all ages to live healthy, confident, active and connected lives.

Tell us about Ageless Confidence.

Four times a year we run Ageless Confidence Events to give back to the community and help women, no matter what stage of life, to “believe they can”.

It’s a place where Age, Health and Life Inspire.  We hear from women all the time about how they’ve been so busy, being all things to all people and now they finally have time to think about themselves.  

There are 3 key principles behind Ageless Confidence.

Live Confident

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing your 7-year-old self, with all the years of experience behind you.  That’s the real you, before the negativity wore you down.  Your inner child, who is full of life and confidence.  When your confidence is rocked it affects so many aspects of your life.  Taking time to focus on you, your needs and building your inner strength comes when you surround yourself with others ‘who get it’, support and care about you.

Live Active and Healthy

Imagine being that 100-year-old woman still driving, doing yoga, exercising, walking, gardening and travelling.  She’s living her life her way – she’s active and healthy and enjoying her moments. That’s what we all want. To enjoy life now and in our future.

Live Connected

Connecting with others is the foundation of feeling appreciated.  Knowing there is someone there to lift you up and support you helps you feel life is that little bit better.  Envisage your life before the responsibilities took over - full of fun and socialising with your friends.  Heading to the dances, movies, taking a stroll on the beach or whatever took your fancy.  

Why are you passionate about Ageless Confidence and where did your passion stem from?

I’ve worked with women in the health and fitness sector for over 14 years now and the “unspoken” commonality with these women has been finding a place to belong.  Somewhere they’re understood and could meet other women of the same vintage and build on their social connections.  Women over 50 understand the importance of their health and wellbeing and are willing to learn and develop skills so they have choices now and in their future lives.

I understand only too well how being alone can have you question everything you think you know about yourself.  After divorce, my boys leaving home, I needed to face the realisation that this is my life now… what will I do with it?  It took a little while to find my way though this maze, effecting my confidence and belief system.  But here I am today, sharing my life’s lessons and expertise with other women.  

Why should people attend Ageless Confidence?

Each event has a different theme, so you’ll always get to hear from different speakers, women just like you and get to join in some fun activities whilst supporting the local community.  

“I was so glad I didn’t listen to my inner voice that kept saying don’t go.  I kept telling myself it’s time to put yourself first, not work or family, these are topics you will relate to, GO.  My favourite speaker explained the importance of staying active, flexible and strong and how my health affected my lifestyle now and in the future.  Then there was the speaker on how our clothes can impact our confidence.  It challenged me to think differently about the colours and styles I wear.” Ann

What makes Ageless Confidence special?

Oh… it’s the women!!! Women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s all sharing their uniqueness and life’s experiences with one another.  Having the opportunity to have a cuppa with another you’ve never met before and yet feel like there is a common bond.

What experience do you create for your attendees?

You can come alone and not feel alone.

When you arrive, you are greeted by a Wellness Warrior from Strong Healthy Women who makes you feel welcome, safe and that you are in just the right place.  

We provide a healthy morning or afternoon tea for you to try new and different ways of eating and share these recipes with you.

You’ll feel like you’re part of our community and walk out learning more about wellness and have a big smile on your face and want to come back for more.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running Ageless Confidence?

The future of Ageless Confidence is to reach more women and have them feel they aren’t alone.  To give them the tools to make the most of their life and how they choose to live it.

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