How to ‘convince’ your partner to do Latin dance classes with you.

You know what it’s like when you really want to do something with your partner, but they're just not into it!? Well, this is not uncommon when it comes to Latin dance.

So, Jada and the team at Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy in West End, have put together some tips to help you if you’re wanting to get started with Latin dance classes (or anything really), and you want to do it with your partner, but they’re just not keen, and they really need some convincing.


Tell your partner how it would make you feel if you did Latin dancing together. Not just how you would feel, but how it would makeyou feel if you were able to share that experience with your partner. Tell them why it would be more special learning to dance together. Why you want to share that time with your partner.

This is a really important tip.  We need to look at why it’s so important to us, and explain that to them, because sometimes they’re just thinking about themselves, or they don’t want to make a fool of themselves on the dance floor, or they think that dancing is not for them, or they won’t be able to do it. Or maybe you’re going to be better than them.


Start by going through all of the benefits they will personally get by going to dance classes with you. Things like improved coordination, more confidence with their rhythm, being able to expand their social network, getting active on a weekly basis and spending quality time with you.


Let them know that they’re not going to be the only complete beginner in the dance class. Most people who join have never danced before. They did not do any kind of dancing as a child, or have not done any since childhood.

So, you’re not going to be alone when you come along as a complete beginner to classes. There are hundreds of men and women who start out as complete beginners, so you won’t be alone!

As one of our students eloquently put it, “Learning to dance might seem daunting or even impossible, yet it takes as little as one hour in your week and provides an untapped outlet to cultivate a new skill that is also active and social. And, it counts towards brownie points with your partner if they like dancing too”.

We would love to welcome you and your partner onto our dance floor, and remember, you can always come along on your own and get them dancing later on.

Let's dance!

Words By Jada de Goey Teatini-Climaco

Pictures provided by Jada de Goey Teatini-Climaco

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