Inspire, Mentor, Empower

mudputty host Evelyn Olivares is on a mission to help people out of the shadows and into the light, to Inspire, Mentor, Empower people to accelerate success and grow with passion and purpose.

Helping you to create and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted, but weren’t brave enough to live.

Here's Evelyn's story:

I was born a rebel, in Belfast Northern Ireland into a beautiful close-knit Irish family, I’m the penultimate of ten children and so very appreciative today of my humble beginnings. Immigrating to Australia in 1960 as an infant with my whole family I grew up in Balmain and spent my youth mixing with “real people” attending local public schools; Rozelle Primary and Riverside Girls High.  Dropped out of school at 15 then at 19 I chose to break free of the rut and change my life forever. I started travelling the world to see what it had to offer.  And, Wow, does it have a lot to offer you! Travelling Europe, Asia and Indonesia for a the next 3 years I was amazed at what this “real world” actually is, and you know, it’s all open to interpretation... returning to Sydney a changed person the flood gates of opportunity opened.

The next chapter of my life was absolutely amazing, mind-blowing and as the sun rises and sets on every precious day of my life I appreciate more and more the changes I make to my own destiny.
I met my soul-mate and husband of (now) 38 years , I’ve been blessed with two beautiful children and went back to college to get an education when they were just babies... My choice to approach every day by embracing the challenges that cross my path and learning the lessons the school of hard knocks deals out has resulted in an epic adventure I call life.

As a converted, committed student to life-long learning I’ve gained so much that makes each and every day more precious.  I hold a Graduate Certificate in Management; and Diploma’s in Leadership & Management,  TAE Vocational Education and Training to name just a few. I’m also a DISC profiler, but life’s far more than all of that. One of my most valued qualifications is Diploma of Coaching and becoming an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer at the Masters level. Finding NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming ) led me on another adventure, one that completely fulfils me and fuels my passion and purpose.  Ongoing exploration of Neuroscience, the Human mind, The Hero’s Journey and Archetypes of The Enneagram has led me to create my own coaching program – “Coaching & Developing Leaders”.

Archetypes of The Enneagram – Dance of The Dragon

This is the difference that makes the difference. It drives me to inspire and motivate others to start ”Living The Dream” and live the life they truly deserve. I’ve worked with countless individuals from various walks of life including small businesses, corporate sales teams and business analysts helping them to set clearly defined goals, to revive their ability to express their life as they truly wish it to be,  guiding them on a path of personal adventure, encouraging ambition and fresh ideas for living a life they deserve.

This is a very special year. I’ve evolved beautifully over the years and 2019 has placed me at Heavenly Healing Holistic Centre at Norwest (NSW).  Here is where I build with you a trusted partnership guiding you on your own personal adventure, helping you develop your personal and professional skills, raise the benchmark and reap the benefits as you advance in life.

Evenlyn runs classes in Baulkham Hills, NSW for
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Executive Coaching
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