Learning about blockchain technology for developers

Today we're talking with David Novakovic and Tanveer Roowala about the Gold Coast Blockchain club.

Why are you passionate about your class, and where did your passion stem from?

We are passionate because Blockchain is the most gangster technology out there. Literally ...

Our passion stemmed from taking a variety of psychedelics and realising financial liberation is the first step to actualising liberation for the masses and Blockchain as a transparent immutable ledger makes this possible. Blockchain brings truth and freedom in the form of opensource software.

So we decided to meet and build our skills and talk about the projects in this space.

Why  should people attend your activity?

There is no other group that we knew of with a focus on developers to improve their skills in this space. Also a lot of meetups in this space were just about marketing their own silly coin trying to raise money from participants and hustle them. We  found this repulsive and wanted something that was purely about the tech  and learning aspect.

The current series we are running is an ethereum study group helping  developers get skills certification. That is the kind of thing you go to  university for and pay lots of money for , we are just sharing this  knowledge for free. Why ? For the love of the game  ...  that's why.  

What  experience do you create for your attendees?

An open learning experience .

This is where they come to learn about the technology and improve their knowledge and skills.

A lot of non developers have attended in the past and continue to attend our meetups because we talk discuss the most cutting edge technologies in this space and break them down so even the novices can grasp the concepts and join in the discussion.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

Learning from the each other, after every session we all come out wiser than before.