Let's Talk Safe Post Natal Exercise Classes

Today we're speaking with Jessica about kangatraining - a safe post natal exercise class for women designed by  physiotherapists and midwives to be safe for the female body post baby   (and beyond) which incorporates incorporate baby wearing and we are trained in safe and optimal  baby wearing.

Why are you passionate about your class or activity, and where did   your passion stem from?  

Kangatraining is is not just a fitness class, it is a community. We are not a boot camp or a gym where you become a faceless member. We do not have women in the back of the class feeling self conscious and  judging their bodies to others. We do not have anyone feeling like   they have been left behind. We value our kangacrew (female AND male)  and their children.  We exercise with our children and we go out for coffee after.

Messy mum bun days, odd socks (and even odd shoes- I did this once!) and poo explosions we have it all and we laugh about it together and get down to boogie. We are a safe space where parents can just be parents and   revel in the ups and downs that brings together.  The days you feel like you cannot leave the house are EXACTLY the day  you need Kangatraining.  

I started Kangatraining when I was 6 week post partum with my   daughter. I was a ex-smoker and really unfit. Pre-baby I was in and out of hospital with chronic illness. I WAS that person in the back of the gym class who had a gym membership that was eventually never used.   But my daughter was colic and the only place she did not cry was in my   baby carrier so Kangatraining was one of the few activities I could   attend with her.

In class I found a safe space and I slowly came to  realise the feelings and thoughts I was having and the amount I was crying were not "baby blues".

I reached out to my KangaCrew and that is why I am here today advocating for women with post natal depression.  I have since lost 30kg and am under 100kg for the first time since I  was a teenager. I am not your typical fitness instructor, but Kangatraining is not your typical fitness program.  

Why should people attend kangatraining?

Sometimes mums (and dads) get lost amongst the needs of a child and   the countless programs we are told they MUST do as a child for their   development and overall wellbeing. Our class provides parents with a   time to exercise their bodies, meet friends and actually be spoken TO   not at.

We do not call anyone "Stacey's mum". In Kangatraining we are about YOU and YOUR recovery and YOUR bond with your child.   What personal traits do you offer as a host, which make your class or   activity extra special? I am relatable. I am not a size 6 fitness model (and if you are, all   power to you!). I am just another mum doing the best for her babies   and wanting to do my bit to make sure other parents have an outlet to   cope with the day to day life of being a parent (particularly in those   early days).    

What experience do you create for your attendees?

Every attendee walks out with a smile and on a endorphin high from a   mix of killer dance moves and sweet baby carrier cuddles. My aim is no   matter how many loads of washing they have at home, while they are in   my class they only focus on that moment of having fun and being with   their baby(ies). After they have attended they feel more relaxed and   able to take on whatever challenge the rest of the day brings!  

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to hosting?

The moment a new participant forgets they are in a new class and has a   laugh at our choreographed dance moves and just lets go and has fun!  

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Questions: What if I don't have a baby carrier: If you do not have your own carrier, we have free hire carriers available.