Life Coach for Women

Susan Dunlop is the life coach for women transitioning midlife.  Today we talk with Susan about her workshops and how they are helping women all over Australia with the next phase of their life.

Tell us about your workshop

1-on-1 life coaching for women. 50-minute coaching sessions once a week, for a program of six-weeks. The coaching takes place over the phone or using skype/zoom technology, from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

Why are you passionate about your program and where did your passion stem from?

I specialise in coaching women transitioning midlife. Until 2016 I was the founder and CEO of RNS Nursing, a large, locally established nursing agency, that grew from servicing the Noosa area to servicing all of Queensland. I had employed more than 6,000 nurses and care staff in the time of owning the company. Nursing being predominantly a female occupation, most of our staff were women. Many of those women were in the life stage of 45 to 60 years. I had a lot of opportunity to listen deeply to these women’s worries, thoughts and concerns. I was also a woman experiencing the same multitude of responsibilities, in life and business, so I could very easily empathise with them.

It was evident to me that midlife throws more than a handful of challenges in a woman’s path, and more stress than is tolerable. In some cases, enough stress to cause illness or worse. On selling the company, I undertook further research as part of formalising my qualifications as a Professional Life Coach.  Statistics backed up my belief that there is benefit in coaching for women at this time in their lives. In particular there were at least 10 areas of life that were universally common, for a woman to be tested during this time of her life.  ‘It’s women who are most likely to experience the challenges of multiple co-occurring stressors, whilst dealing with losses and transitions. Changes to careers, roles, relationships. Health of self and family and taking responsibility for ageing parents to help remain independent, their increasing care needs and passing.’

How do women benefit from the program?

Women who join my coaching program will:
- uncover what’s holding them back from being happier
- get more clarity and perspective about what they want
- be confident about the exact next steps they need to take
- feel better than they’ve felt in years
- they will have unlimited email and SMS support during the time between sessions
- be given access to amazing tools and resources.

What makes your program extra special?

I see myself as the thought- and belief-partner to my coaching clients. From my own life and business experience, all the roles and challenges life has given me, I choose to look at the possibilities that obstacles offer. I am one who will look at a situation as it is, not worse than it is. I like to then consider all the possibilities of what I’d like the outcome to be, and work towards that. I don’t get caught in the past, I am forward focused. That is what coaching is about too.

In terms of personal traits, I received this lovely recommendation on LinkedIn when I first started the coaching business:

Susan has an innate understanding of people which proves to motivate confidence, change and resilience. I was so pleased to hear she hadstartedher own coaching business. I can’t think of a better person to partner with to achieve your personal and professional goals. Susan walks the talk. She lives a full and authentic life. Her passion and vulnerability are her greatest strengths and will be such a beacon for her many clients.”  – Bernadette, Founder, Nature Kids, Sydney

What experience do women take away from the program?

I create a non-judgmental and confidential coaching environment for attendees to feel really listened to and heard. That is one of the most appreciated aspects of coaching, I hear back from clients. That it was so nice to speak, share ideas, worries, concerns, to acknowledge their past and know that they are not being judged. We will explore limiting beliefs that have been getting in the way of their living a successful, vibrant, joyful life. The attendees will find meaning they’ve been looking for. They’ll stop thinking about what they CAN’T do and fall in love with what they CAN do.

This is another example of the words from happy clients I’ve received: “I was coached by Susan in a six-week package. Before coaching I felt so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to start. Susan had us begin with my Wheel of Life. It helped me by breaking things down, so it felt easier to think about. I was surprised that what I thought was most important, no longer was. Susan helped me set goals. It was so nice to have someone to talk to who really listened. After the coaching sessions my mind is free, and I have more energy. I am making choices and decisions that really affect me. Thank you.” – Aileen, retired, Tewantin

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to hosting?

Coaching is not only about working on goals, but the journey I take each coaching client on. I liken it to a treasure hunt. We start with gathering up tools for the journey in the first session - exploring a woman’s identity by working our way through some preliminary exercises that elicit her core values, gifts, strengths, talents and purpose. That first session is so powerful! That’s one of the coaching ‘treasures’ I most look forward to. The next 5 sessions are a continuation of the treasure hunt, personalised to suit what each woman needs or is seeking.

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