PresentMe.... FutureMe...

Today we're talking with Dr Rebekah Doley BA(Hons) GradDipPsyPrac MSc MJuris MPsy/PhD (Clin) about her Invest in your #FutureMe today! workshops and seminars on matters of life and love,  and adjusting successfully to all that lies between. Her focus is on optimising the relationship between your experience and your mind in  order to benefit your adjustment to life challenges to achieve your best functioning, while avoiding unnecessary disruption and emotional cost.

Why are you passionate about your class and where did your passion stem from?  
My  passion is about working with individuals to achieve lasting life  contentment and fulfillment, regardless of what is going on around them  at the time. The mind is shaped by experience and my strategies are  designed to be immediately applicable, realistic and achievable in order  to give people control over their mind so they can create the life they  seek. My approach is informed by research but not constrained by it;  integrating wisdom, deep knowledge work and lived experience.  As a  consultant clinical psychologist, my extensive professional background  incorporates forensic, clinical, military and organisational psychology.  With more than 13 years formal higher degree education and over 3  decades of professional experience, my career has spanned university  lecturing, international arson behaviour analysis, relationship and  clinical issues and sex therapy.

Why should people attend your Life and Love Workshops?

If  you are looking to make meaningful change in your mindset and to  support growth to improve your experience of life, then you want to  invest your time and energy into something that is based on research.  But, because change is scary and hard, you also want to connect with  someone who has the deep knowledge and lived experience to make the  science work in your real-life context, beyond the training room.  Participants at my talks appreciate the down to earth, no-frills,  compassionate approach I bring to delivering practical, helpful tools  that work to deliver impactful and transformational change.

What makes your workshops extra special?

I  offer informed, no-frills authenticity- with over 30 years of  experience in behaviour and mind change, I use a range of life  experiences and scientific methods to make my seminars and workshops  meaningful, effective and valuable, with a focus on providing practical  skills that can be integrated into real life.

What  will attendees take away from your workshops?

Seminars  and workshops are interactive and fun, filled with the warmth of people  coming together to expand knowledge and skills in a common area. You  can expect to laugh, learn, and connect without the hype and fanfare  that can often accompany life skills development. You will leave the  seminar with clarity around the theory and with practical strategies  tailored specifically to your individual circumstances which you can  start implementing immediately. Your investment in your #FutureMe starts  with #PresentMe!

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

I  have done a lot of training both domestically and internationally,  across a wide range of corporate and public contexts. What keeps me  motivated and energised is the interaction with people across the life  span who arrive with a range of personal and professional experiences,  and the capacity of my work to connect us all at a deeply human level.  Connection, research shows, is one of the core attributes to leading a  contented and fulfilling life. My work offers opportunities for  connection, while learning about knowledge and skills to support  impactful change in your life, both at home and at work.