Yoga on the Fly

We all know the benefits of incorporating yoga into our weekly routine. Sometimes, in our busy schedule it's hard to get to a local class. If this sounds like you, a mobile yoga service may be the solution.

Today we talk with Robyn Raneng about her mobile yoga practice.

Why are you passionate about your class and where did your passion stem from?

Why I love what I do; The feeling of satisfaction seeing the joy and relief  in people who may not have thought it was possible for yoga, with  regular practice, to lead them into wellness and the lifestyle they  desired.

My  whole career has been working within the health industry, previously as  a Registered Nurse/Midwife, Cert IV in Fitness and Yoga teacher  training, Wellness Coaching and Grad Dip in Yoga Therapy.

My  love for yoga has been a personal journey experiencing its qualities of  vitality in every aspect and as a preventative measure in overall  wellness and enhanced lifestyle.

"Being  inspired through yoga by the feeling of youthful qualities and  abilities which often deteriorates with a sedentary lifestyle."

Why should people attend your mobile class?

Aspiring  fulfillment and sense of well being can be felt by students from the  attention to individual needs and their possibilities through the added  knowledge of applied yoga therapy.

What makes your class extra special?

I  create an atmosphere of safety, independence and an approachable calm  manor which assists the student to feel inspired to move forward with  their desired outcome ultimately enhancing their lifestyle.  

What  experience do your attendees take away from the class?

I  love helping people feel energised to follow through with their  intentions/goals with a sense of calm clarity and vitality from a safe  environment and an enjoyable experience in all areas, that is;  physically, mentally and emotionally.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

I  always look forward to the enjoyment of watching a student leave the  session in a state of calm contentment ready to prosper from their day!