Movement unites us all

Do  you find that your feet seem to be getting further away from you?  Or that it's not so easy to reach around into the back seat of  the car?  Has your childhood flexibility deserted you?   The good news  is that you might be able to get some of that back.

Stick  Mobility is a system of movements and exercises using a flexible stick  intended to help users have better mobility.  We aim to  improve mobility by increasing their joint range of motion, neuro  muscular control and strength.  The  exercises with a flexible stick can be easily progressed or regressed  depending on the person’s level of development and fitness.   So Stick Mobility can be used safely and effectively with a whole range  of people - pediatric, geriatric or athletes - to improve their  resilience and their ability to perform aspects of daily activities, occupations and sports.

Stick  Mobility group fitness classes are starting to pop up and you can attend classes at Swift Fitness (Melbourne),  Mind Body Heart  (Perth), Interesting Fitness (Sydney), World Gym Toowoomba and Eimeo  SLSC (Mackay).

Stick Mobility Courses have been scheduled in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Kalgoorlie, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.   They are accredited by Australian  Chiropractors Association, Australian Strength & Conditioning  Association, Exercise & Sports Science Australia, Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia.  For more  information on our courses please visit -