Mullen St Studio

Located in Balmain, Mullens St. Studio is a photography studio for hire.
Mullens St. Studio is the perfect creative space and is available from as little $125 for 4 hours during the week, as well as on the weekends.

Welcome. I’m Sabine Gruchet I created this fun studio space, Mullens St. Studio.

I  am an international model, TV presenter who has been blessed with a  long career of over 26 years in the business and still going strong.

Sabine Gruchet Founder

“I  would often book a photography studio when shooting for regular  clothing client or when I ran my ‘In Front of The Camera’ model training  days.  It was then when I saw the need to create affordable studio with  the wow factor. And, so Mullens St. Studio was born.”

“We,  my husband and I, completely refurbished the studio using reclaimed and  recycled materials – mainly from the 50’s as I have a huge love of  vintage. And, you’ll see when you come in, the studio is not your  typical white space – it is fun and creative.”

“Now,  after hundreds of shoots in the studio we proud to be the most  affordable photography studio for in Sydney with the WOW Factor. Because  when anyone walkings into the studio for the first time they say ‘WOW,  what a great space’

After  2 years in business and 100’s of bookings we found the need for holding photography workshops on lighting and strobe

And how to set up studio lights for portrait and ecommerce shoots.
We  had also spent 5 years previously in London training models in front of  the camera with great success 4 in 10 students are professional models  to this day.

Learning everything from what to bring on a job, finding your light, etiquette for men and women, posture, how to keep receipts and expenses for tax.

The dos and dont's, confidence in front of the camera, posing tips and  tricks, catwalk lessons, going to a casting, how to shoot a garment for  e-commerce, themed shoots where we provide the clothes and it’s a lot of  fun.

So after great success at these model days we now have them for:
*Hens days, including lunch bubbles, waiter
*Birthday parties,
*Themed 1950’including vintage props, Clothing & a hair and makeup artist.
*one on one training, actors, singers, head    
*Dog and owner shots,
*LinkedIn client headshots.
*Start up businesses,
*kids photography, parties and fashion shoots.
*CEOs head shots,
*Tinder shots etc.
*Video and green screen shots.

It’s  such a fun space and we love seeing creative people with huge smiles on  there faces and coming back time and time again and quite often people  with very low confidence loving the new found confidence posture and  pictures that help them walk into a catwalk or ballroom or boardroom and  interview.