Nothing like a wood-smoked BBQ masterclass

Get the tastebuds ready, today we talk with Denis Maher about the Arkarra Lown'Slow BBQ Masterclass

Tell us about your workshop

It's a 5 hour masterclass covering preparation and cooking of wood-smoked low'n'slow barbecue in a variety of BBQ pits.

Why are you passionate about your class, and where did your passion stem from?

I've  been a "foodie" forever, and am admin of Queensland Foodies Network and  Fraser Coast Foodies Network pages on social media. It was through my  social media networks that I was invited to judge at a national BBQ  competition several years ago. That experience led me to go on and judge  at numerous other BBQ competitions, invest in a variety of BBQ pits,  form my own team "The Low'n'Slow BBQ Shack" and compete in the  Australasian Barbecue Alliance national BBQ competition four times now.  We have 3 trophies from our first 4 competitions now so we've enjoyed  some success competing on the national circuit. And now I'm operating a  pop-up BBQ food stall at community events and various locations as well  as catering for functions and parties on a regular basis.

Why should people attend your masterclass?

The  masterclass will be a fun and informative day, with attendees  participating hands-on in cooking up a storm of barbecued meats in a  variety of popular BBQ pits, and will culminate in a sit down lunch to  devour our cooking achievements.

What makes your masterclass extra special?

I'm  certainly passionate about fine food in general and low'n'slow barbecue  in particular. Cooking Low'n'Slow BBQ means frequently rising in the very early hours of the morning to prepare for a long cook. 10 -12 hours  cooking is common for a protein like brisket. And of course fire and  temperature management throughout that time is paramount to a good  result, as is meat selection, preparation, seasoning, choice of smoking  woods and fuel, and a number of other factors. All these will form part  of the masterclass.

What  experience do attendees take away from the class?

Certainly  everyone will go away full of awesome barbecue after our long lunch to  finish off the masterclass. A lot of laughter and banter will be enjoyed  by all. Warning: Low'n'slow barbecuing can be highly addictive, so many  attendees will go away and investigate BBQ pit options for their own  space.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

The  interaction between us all. Low'n'Slow BBQ is by its very nature a  relaxing pastime with the reward of sumptuous meals at the end of the  long process, so there's always plenty of time to enjoy the company of  friends and family.