Wendy's Way

Today we speak with Wendy Hodge. Wendy is passionate about helping over 50's with their health and fitness and is the founder of Wendy's Way To Health.

Tell us Wendy, why are you passionate and where did your passion stem from?

I’ve  been into health and fitness for most of my life, and I worked as a gym  and aerobics instructor for many years. Following that I was a weight  loss consultant, and it was a natural progression from there to then  study nutrition and start my own business.  I began Wendy’s Way to Health  about 4 and a half years ago. I love seeing people achieve their goals,  and knowing that I’ve been a part of it gives me a huge buzz!

Tell us more about Wendy's Way to Health website

Visitors can browse my website for healthy living articles and recipes. I recommend signing up for my emails, as I send healthy recipes & tips regularly to my subscribers in the Wendy’s Way community. They can join The Healthy Normal Revolution  membership program for coaching, support, tools & resources.

What makes your offering extra special?

It’s  my belief that we’re all different, and there’s no one “ right” diet or  program that everyone should follow. We all need to create a  personalised diet and exercise routine that suits our own unique  lifestyle. That’s why I offer coaching in a group setting via The Healthy Normal Revolution forum, so I can help the members individually  along the way.

What experience do you create for your members?

I aim for the “teach a person to fish” analogy. I want my members to leave the program knowing that they will be able to make changes and implement  new habits at any time in the future, depending on their stage of life.  And I think that the Wendy’s Way community know that I’m always there  for them, to answer their questions and support them as best I can.

What do you look forward to most?

The  thing I look forward to most is seeing the “a-ha” moment when a member  realises that the number on the scales really doesn’t matter. Because it  changes for so many reasons, and most of those reasons don’t mean  anything. When you focus on making healthy changes, weight loss will happen anyway, and your body will find a healthy weight.