Pilates Success

Today we caught up with Sandra, about her passion around all things strength, flexibility and mobility through Pilates.

Why are you passionate about your class, and where did your passion stem from?

Pilates is safe for all bodies, it it a holistic approach to building strength, flexibility and mobility.  After being into fitness and health my whole life no amount of exercise helped me with my back pain until I  found Pilates. Pilates changed my life forever. It relieved me from  chronic back pain and gave me the opportunity to help others.

Why should people attend to your class or activity?

You will feel amazing after class. If you want a body that is strong and  postural correct, Pilates is proven to balance the body in all muscle  groups.

What makes your class extra special?

I am a professional Pilates instructor, NLP master practitioner and Results coach, what this means is that I  have the ability to move clients in more ways than just their bodies.  I  encourage clients to think about their Pilates practice as a whole, it is not just for the body but also their minds.

What  experience to people feel after attending?

Clients feel refreshed and physically amazing after class. My studio is  a community unto itself and many of the clients have met and  made friendships doing Pilates at Pilates Success.  There are coffee groups daily after class.

What do you look forward to most about your classes?
Seeing  the change in the clients physiology after class, they stand tall,   their eyes are bright and their smiling faces tell me everything I need  to know about their experience.

You can view Sandra's classes here https://mudputty.com/activities?q=Pilates Reformer Class