Processing life through creative art therapy

Today we talk with Marja-Liisa Rintala, who is a Creative Arts Therapist.

Marja-Liisa offers a range of  workshops and individual sessions:
- Mumma Circle is for mums of young  children who want to process the world of changes that parenthood brings  through art.
-  Yoga and clay workshops are for people who want to explore  mindfulness in creative ways.
- Journaling workshops, and  
- Girls night-in events that use art and dramatic techniques to make self  growth creative and fun!

Why are you passionate about your classes and where did your passion stem from?‌‌

I  have always just loved the way being creative makes me feel. I began  studying and researching how creativity could help other people feel as  good as it made me feel, and along the way, I healed a lot of my old  wounds through the creative therapy process. This inspired me even  further to share these tools with others. ‌‌

Why should people attend your class?‌‌

We often believe two lies: 1. The truth is outside of us, and 2. we are not all creative

Both of those lies make us feel small and helpless. But through therapeutic  creative activities people get to experience the joy of hearing their  own inner voice and allowing themselves the freedom to create without  expectation. It can be quite liberating.

What makes your classes extra special?

I've been lucky enough to work with a huge range of people’s life experiences as well as attained a host of qualifications in mental  health and creative arts therapy. But above all that, I know what it’s  like to feel like you are talking in circles, and not able to break  through. And I like to think I offer people the chance to work with  someone who  is just real about life’s challenges and the ways in which  we hope to grow.

What experience do you create for your attendees?

Depending if you are attending a workshop or individual session, the experience  will be different. Workshops will step you through a series of creative  activities that work towards a common group goal, like making clay pots  with your eyes closed to learn to trust yourself and relax! Individual  sessions might include mapping out your family tree with a range of  unique objects, writing a story together or making a mandala out of  coloured sand. Your goal is individual, so the activities will be unique  too.But in the end, my hope always is that people walk away feeling  like they have been heard, and have expressed themselves to the fullest. ‌‌

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to hosting?‌‌

The aha moments people have when they let themselves create and allow their own intuition to come through.