Promoting social connectivity and meaningful connections

In this month's Sunshine Coast Classes and Activities magazine we talked about connecting beyond a digital world, finding our tribe and connecting with people.

On the Gold Coast The Couch Outloud is tackling the social disconnection through their entertaining live talk show.

Today we spoke with Michelle, who told us more.

What is Couch Outloud?

The Couch Outloud is an entertaining live talk show that promotes social connectivity and aims to encourage meaningful connections and conversations by showcasing inspiring locals from a range of backgrounds.

Together with our host Monique Kinerson and DJ Shane Lloyd, The Couch Outloud’s insightful guest speakers and performers share with the audience their stories and visions towards achieving a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle on the Gold Coast.  Our audience members also experience the fun of unique audience participation games and engaging topics, which makes for an uplifting and vibrant energy in the room.  This is why the community keeps coming back for more!

Whats the Couch Outloud's purpose?

The Couch Outloud’s mission is to bring the Gold Coast community together in celebration and acknowledgement of how we can add to the creation and expression of our city in progressive ways.  This platform not only provides the community with a voice and insight into topics that affect them, but will lead the way for future cultural evolution. We continue to push the boundaries to explore new ideas, new perspectives and new frontiers to inspire and motivate social change to benefit all.

Join The Couch Outloud community and connect in real life with real people.

“It’s not just a talk show, it’s a movement”

How do you sum up what you are wanting to achieve?

Overall The Couch Outloud aims to:

•           promote social connectivity

•           challenge stagnate perspectives

•           strengthen healthy cultural objectives

•           celebrate progress.

•           entice conversation, collaboration and progressive leadership in the community

As stated in the article by gcVIP, with The Couch Outloud, “Our city’s cultural scene is in good hands!”  

We keep doing what we do, because we always receive such amazing feedback from our audience members.

The Couch Outloud always offers great entertainment through their casual "chat show" medium with thought provoking guests, drawn from a host of different backgrounds. It's a warm, engaging environment where the audience is definitely part of the show. Topical conversations, interesting guests and an enormous dose of good humour, combine to make the night one you'll remember for a long time to come. – Deb

What a great night.  Such an eclectic mix of talent.  Funny, interesting, eye-popping, jaw- dropping fun for all.  A wonderful insight into the Gold Coast’s growing arts scene!  Let’s get behind this Gold Coast. When is the next one? - Heath

The combination of conversation smarts and humour made for such an entertaining and thought provoking evening. – Sam

Great venue. Well organised. A well-executed collaborative success. All guests were inspiring. Awesome night out. Great concept.  – Annie

Loved the host, format, variety of guests, dancers. Keep doing it! – Emma