Seeking Total Rejevenation

If you’re craving total rejuvenation in body, mind, and spirit, then you’ll love Julie’s yoga, Pilates, and Indian Club classes.

Fusing ancient wisdom with scientifically-proven training methods, Julie’s classes offer more than a physical workout (though you’ll get that too). With a focus on function over performance, and modified poses to suit your body, Julie believes exercise can be enjoyable and sustainable.

Julie has a life-long passion for fitness, health and nutrition. But after discovering the amazing benefits of yoga, she gradually replaced her gym-junkie routine. What started as a physical practice became a spiritual, mental, and emotional one, as Julie learnt how to feel good from the inside out.

Now Julie wants to share that blissful, inner serenity she found with you: she is dedicated to helping you grow and evolve your practice.

Her classes are interesting, creative and free-flowing, designed to restore you at all levels. Just imagine the tension in your muscles dissolving, your mind relaxing, and feeling balanced in your whole being. You’ll leave Julie’s classes feeling centered, grounded, and uplifted — ready to own your day!

Better yet, you’ll join a trusting, caring community of like-minded souls who are equally passionate about achieving health and happiness on all levels.

Seek  total rejuvenation in one of Julie’s classes today