Scheduling 'Me' Time

Rachael Pope of Shine Om takes us through Self-care.

Self-care is the act of giving time,  focus and energy to one’s self. It’s a gesture of self-love by doing  something that positively affects the mind, body and soul. It is not a  luxury but is necessary for maintaining good mental and emotional  well-being.

With the increased pressures of work,  lack of human connection, restricted social interaction and increased  demands and expectations to consistently be ‘achieving’ its not uncommon  to hear people expressing how stressed, anxious and overworked they are  feeling. Unfortunately for most of us, it is only when we reach this  point that we then turn to look after ourselves when in fact self-care  needs to be a part of our everyday routine. It is essential in order to  maintain a balanced mind and body and ensure optimal mental wellness.

Therefore it is crucial to ensure each  and every one of us is doing something every day for US. It doesn’t have  to be lavish, luxurious or even cost anything. It just needs to be  something that nourishes, balances and calms the mind and body.

This May I have made it ‘ Me May’  focusing on my time and a whole lot of self-love. I had hit the point of  burn out due to consistently meeting the needs of others and  prioritising my work life. This is what has been in my top 5 self-care  toolkit that I’ve been focusing intently on at the moment:

1. Breathing- it may sound simple but the power of deep, focused and controlled breathing is remarkable.

2. Hot baths – with  essential oils and Epson salts are making these cold nights so much more  bearable. I have created, and I am now selling, my own essential oils  blend called Nighty Night. It is the perfect combination of pure essential oils to aid with sleep and relaxation.

Did you know that hot baths have been  proven to aid with sleep? This is due to our body temperate heating up  and by providing adequate time for your body to cool down when we get  out of the bath it can help regulate our circadian rhythms. Neat huh! If  you need a bit more evidence to justify your long hot baths to your  hubby share this article from Men’s Health with them. You need, it’s science!

3. Yoga – focusing on self-practice and I cannot get enough of Yin! I love it so much that you can read more about it here >>.

4. Essential Oils- the  healing properties of these oils are mind-blowing. I love using them and  reaping the benefits so much that I have started selling my own blends.  Head on over to our page Shine Om Essentials to find out more and to make your purchase today.

5. Nature – Mother Earth  is our greatest healer. Spending time with her either in the garden,  wandering or sitting in the sunlight is soothing for the soul.

I have been blessed with wisdom from the  Shine Om community who have shared their favourite ways to practice  self-care. Here are some others ways that our community display self  love and devotion; Meditation, Mindfulness practices, Crystal  Therapy, Fueling the body with nutritious foods, exercising, surrounding  yourself with supportive people, making time for a hot cup of tea,  Astral Float for some zen time, making uninterrupted time to spend with  loved ones, reading, colouring, gardening, self massage, cooking,   drawing, booking in massages and pampering, walking around the lake and  listening to a podcast or favourite music.

The list is endless and feel free to add  any or all of the above to your wellness toolkit. I would recommend  choosing just a few to focus on at a time. Self-care shouldn’t be an  overwhelming thought so do what comes naturally and easily for you.

My advice for if you are unsure as to where to start with your toolkit is to answer the following questions for yourself;

  1. What do you love doing for you?
  2. What does your body need?
  3. When will you schedule ‘Me time’ into your daily routine?