Soapmaking with Carolyna Lovely from Luscious n’ Lovely

When Carolyna Lovely was a young girl she spent a great deal of her summers with her grandmother Rose, a Canadian homesteader who made her own bread, her own remedies, and her own soap. For young Carolyna it was simply the joy of being with her grandmother, a loving and kind woman who knew little about the world but had an innate, generational knowledge of how to give love and care for her people.

Carolyna developed an interest in creating remedies and soapmaking at that time and continued, throughout her life, to be the one in her clan to go to for home-made remedies for skin conditionions, joint, muscle and gut pain, and to break down the long list of ingredients in the skin products we use, the pesticides being sprayed on our food, and the contaminants found in everyday products.

With an advanced education and a day job in the arts, Carolyna continued to study the science behind the products we ingest and apply to our skin, and the effects the choices we make have on our body and brain.

With a lifetime of study, Carolyna became a Master Herbalist with additional PgD’s in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Pilates, Yoga, and in 2018 became a certified horticulturist with a focus on production crops and carbon farming, to get a better understanding of how to grow the cleanest raw ingredients for her products whilst caring for her land and environment. Carolyna opened the Holistic Brain & Body Centre and advises her clients as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, focusing on  food choices, movement, and joyful practices.

She turned her love of making clean and green products into a business, Luscious n’ Lovely (formerly the Lovely Lyer), selling her skin repair oils, beard oils, organic soaps and her Shampoo Bars, including a premium Bulgarian rose bar named after her grandmother, ‘For the Love of Rose’.

While Carolyna’s cold processed soap, shampoo, and skin care line recipes contain proprietary combinations, she is offering a 2-hr Crock-Pot soapmaking class this coming Spring and Summer. 16 classes are available from Sept-Dec, with a maximum of 6 person per class. Includes light refreshments. Book Early!

In Carolyna’s Hot Process Soap Making Class you will learn how to make a clean, gentle cleansing product for yourself and your family, and go home with over $150.00 worth of soap, your mold, and the knowledge of how to make future batches of this clean and gentle cleansing bar.

Book directly with Carolyna or securely at Mudputty: $130.

* Save $160 by booking a group of 6