Splash out in style with Watercolour

Today we are talking all things watercolour with the very creative mudputty host Latesha.

Why are you passionate about your class, and where did your passion stem from?

Art  is an expressive activity where you can tap into other sides of  yourself  and remember the joy of playing, and at the same  time see a direct result of your visions. Watercolour is a medium that  is fluid and you never quite have control over it and it's a beautiful  surprise when you see the results that come with it. The passion of  being an artist stems from a desire to always  be  artistically expressive and bring my imaginations to life in some  form to uplift people and bring a message through my work.

Why should people attend your class?

Because my classes are a lot of fun and at the same time your learning a new creative endeavor, you will become addicted once  you start!

What makes your class extra special?

As  a self taught artist some of my methods are different to other artists and you will at the very least come out with some new ways of creating or thinking about art. Plus its not just  an art class I speak on topics relating to mindfulness through art and  developing confidence with your own uniqueness. Plus we have fun in our  class! Music and laughter and joyfulness no matter whose joining in. I  create a nice vibe for people to flow in.

What will attendees experience?

Those that have come to my class say they learn so much and I have often taught people who don't believe they have creativity inside of them and  by the end of the lesson they have created   something they are proud of and want to show off! And my classes are fun and we laugh a lot. Its good therapy for people.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to hosting?

Seeing people be creative and teaching them the skills to carry on with their creative aspirations.

You can book your Sydney Watercolour class here