The Feast of Cooking

Growing up in Malaysia, my favourite days were “prayer days”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not, and never was, a religious person. “Prayer days” were the days my Taoist family got together to cook a feast for the whole family, and just before we sat down to eat, we offered some of the food to the altar, to our family that had passed. My grandmother was an amazing cook in a family of 11, and together with all my cousins and extended family, we had a huge family. These “prayer days” happened monthly to honour past family members who had built our family to what we are today. The kitchen was alive with voices of people cooking, prepping and washing food, and after all the hard work was done, the table was set and we all sat down to eat the meal we had cooked together.

Cooking Club Brisbane is built on those memories, where people get together to cook a meal that we share together at the end. It is a great night out with friends or a great way to meet new friends in a relaxed setting, with great food!

Our workshops are not like those you get at a cooking school, it is more of a social gathering where we prepare a meal together, chat, learn from each other, and then eat the meal we have made together! There are lots of laughs, drinks (Cheers!) and of course…FOOD!

Our cooking workshops are designed to be informal and easy-to-follow, with lots of Asian favourites that can be ordered at a restaurant. We teach you how to cook these dishes at home with ingredients readily available from the supermarket.

What will you get at one of our workshops? You will get a 3-course meal, food recipes that you will be tasting, hands-on instruction on how to prepare and cook the dishes you will be eating, a great time and great food!

Words by Lisa Liu

Pictured supplied by Lisa Liu

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