The Pathway to Play - A Conscious Relating Workshop

 Today we speak with the beautiful and insightful Deborah Glass about her Conscious Relating Workshop.

Tell us about your workshop

It's a  "plug and play" approach to equipping people with transformation tools  to create the life and love they really want to enjoy for themselves. If  you're interested in letting go of a world of struggle, if you're ready  to end the roller coaster ride of adrenaline and consciously choose to  live your life in an ever expanding cycle of presencing, connecting and playing, come explore with us in this safe space. You will learn real  life skills to build a new internal structure, one that is free of  criticism and blame and resonates with love, creativity and harmony.

Why are you passionate about your workshop?

What  I really want is to create my life fully expressing my creative essence  and in doing so, inspire others to do the same. I get my "juice" from  witnessing people shift from "stuckness" into a fuller, more expanding  version of themselves in their creative power.  Through my own personal  journey of discovery, I came across these tools and new structure that  enabled me to completely evolve myself and the way I experience the  world. My passion comes from sensing others in a similar place of  "wanting", and as a tried and tested method for many people, including  myself over the years, this modality holds undeniable truths that I  believe will show you exactly how to create a magnificent life for yourself.

Why should people attend your workshop?

I  sense that some people are living their lives in a state of unconsciousness, recognising that they are not enjoying the results in their life currently. They may also not necessarily know what or how to affect the positive change they really want in their life. If you're committed to creating change for good in your relationships, your intimate relationships, your work relationships, and even your relationship with your health and well-being, if you're interested in living your life in harmony, joy and alignment, if you're willing to  loosen the grip of self doubt and fear and enter a completely new  paradigm for living consciously, then come experience the Pathway to  Play. If you're serious about wanting positive change in your life, then  this space is the space to explore and expand into new territory!

What makes your workshop extra special?

I  often receive feedback about my genius zone, which is to bring forth a genuine loving and connecting energy. I love facilitating the  co-creation of a safe space for play and discovery to emerge in new and  exciting ways.

What  experience do you create for your attendees?

You'll  discover that its entirely possible to learn AND have fun at the same  time as the sessions are jam packed with fun activities and interactive  games. The big take away for attendees is I believe they'll have learned  easy to apply, real life skills that will enable them with the  opportunity to bring about fast and effective results, whilst having  fun.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to running your classes?

I  absolutely love presencing, connecting and playing with people as they  discover their own personal  "aha" moments. To witness  people come  alive with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for life. This is my  " WHY" behind my  "What I love to do!" I want to experience this more  and more  in my life in ever expanding capacity.