with Monique Carole

Realise > Release > Resolve > Revive > Evolve: By Realising what is holding you back or the purpose of the pain > you can Release imbedded issues, old thought patterns, or negative energies > to Resolve past traumas, pain or grief > to Revive your optimism of universal possibilities > to Evolve and move forward with renewed vitality, trust and passion to make more room for innovation, fulfilment and pleasure!

Stimulation, Self-Love & Self-Nurturing is priority to enable you to then look after the rest of your world with more love in a positive helpful way! Give yourself the love and attention it craves. Look closely at how you fuel your body, and your thoughts. If you are in tune with your body, you can feel when something isn’t right and get help before it turns chronic! As we age, we need to keep both our Body and Brain as stimulated as possible, so challenge yourself with new & exciting things. If we don’t use it… we lose it! As the Heart governs a lot of our body’s energy, it also needs nurturing, connection and opening, as this is where our memory might be stored!

Make Time For More PLEASURE! Time to focus more on your Passions, Playtime, Relaxation, Intimacy or Connection with loved ones. Make your bedroom a pleasure dome to relax & rejuvenate!Therapeutic massage not only feels good and is a wonderful stress and pain reliever, it inhibits inflammation and helps to boost levels of both endorphins and serotonin - two of the body’s leading pain relievers and mood enhances.  Learn how to nurture your loved ones in times of pain and stress. I love to teach Partner Yoga Massage as a wonderful form of relaxation and stretching - and a pleasurable way to nurture and reconnect with your loved ones.

Get Your Mojo Back!As dis-comfort and dis-ease in the body is scrambled information, we can stop and correct distortion through various healing methods. Hypno-psychotherapy enables people to make empowering choices which can have a significant impact on their lives. Hypnosis has proven very effective for self-love and self-worth, relationship reconnection, empowerment, stress management, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, eating disorders, weight management, substance abuse, addictions, confidence, trauma, pain and much more! We can even perform gastric band weight loss surgery in the un-subconscious mind without the nasty pre or post-op issues or huge cost – giving so many people back their quality of life and their mojo!

Exercise for Pleasure not Pain! Exercise releases “pleasure hormones” – called endorphins – which bind to opioid receptors in the brain to inhibit our perception of pain = a strong natural painkiller! YES, blood pumping exercise can be the perfect way to naturally alleviate pain and stress. A great motivating factor to stay on track is having a reminder of how invigorated you feel with all the happy hormones surging through your body, mind, heart and soul! Getting active outdoors heightens the feel-alive fix - stimulating us and recharging our body systems - so we can conquer each day with enthusiasm and passion - NOT pain!

Workout Smarter - Not Harder! Breathe and Move your way to a more Relaxed, Healthier, Leaner, Fitter, Better YOU! If you inhale more oxygen at a steady pace (through your nose) and exhale out more carbon dioxide long and slow (through your nose or mouth) during exercise, this can lead to increased fat loss, as well as oxygenating your muscles for improved endurance. For improved rest time, energy levels, mobility, longevity and lifestyle; creating a motivating fun fitness routine will reward you with feel good vibes – to make you motivated to get out and just do it!  To help us age vivaciously and gracefully without enduring aging high-impact workouts and long hours of sweat - is short bursts of movement several times a day – like a combo of Pilates and high-intensity interval training.With mindful functional controlled movements and effective breathwork, Pilates works holistically, connecting and strengthening the Body and Mind, and focuses on quality over quantity, to improve co-ordination, stability, mobility, balance and overall wellbeing and calmness helping you deal with all your other daily activities with zest and ease.

I discovered Pilates in my quest to eliminate pain, improve my posture and muscle strength. It worked so effectively that I became a Pilates Instructor so I could help others. One of my passions is getting people out for a Paddleboard Pilates experience. It’s the perfect way to get our daily dose of Vit D, sunshine, nature, fresh air, exercise, and fun & laughter!

Healthy Mind for Happy Life: A positive mindset is critical for living a passionate joyful life. How we speak to ourselves (and others of course), is so important, not only for our happiness but also our health. Feeling guilty, disappointed or annoyed with yourself with something not done or not done well enough can impact heavily on our body and lives. Negativity attracts more negativity. Be kind, be proud, be grateful for all your achievements past, present and future.Just tweaking our inner dialogue may help work through an issue with a positive mindset. For instance, instead of saying “Why is this happening to me? Change to “Why is this happening for me?”

Just ask me.. as a Holistic Health & Fitness Coach - what is your next best step is to live a happy and healthy vivacious life full of love, passion and pleasure.

You don’t have to suffer any longer!  Turn Your Pain Into Pleasure!

Read more about Busting Stress, Creating Vitality & Quality Sleep, Detoxifying your Life, Alkalising and Fighting Disease, and Techniques for living a Health Body, Fit Mind and Happy Soul in my next blog!

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