Why people love Creative Traveller - Travel + Art + Life

Who loves Travel? Who loves Art?

I love both, and ‘Life’ well that’s lifestyle, business, inspiration, technology and all the elements that make up life today.

Would you love to be a travel writer? It is one of the most difficult writing industry segments to get in to. This is where we come in. As founder, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director my primary modus operandi is to support the arts and artists, the writers, illustrators, painters, cartoonists, photographers, musicians and all of you with the spark of creative genius.

Some of our articles are written by travellers who have a story to tell, rather than a degree in journalism, this means real stories by real people who are writing about their own personal experiences. As Editor it’s my job to massage the grammar and spelling where necessary, without losing the flavour of the story. Good photographs are very welcome and all materials must be cleared for copyright permission.

Our ‘Art’ features vary widely dependent upon who is creating the article. Sometimes I put in an art tutorial in response to reader requests and interests. Right now I’m preparing a step-by-step tutorial on ‘How to Draw a Human Face’.  It’s a very popular subject. My technique for preparing this article is rather fun. It goes like this. I begin the drawing with plenty of explanatory markers then take a photo with my iPhone. Then as each step progresses I take another photo. In the end readers will be able to follow each step and end up with an image they should find very satisfying.

I’ve run loads of art workshops and love to see the joy and excitement on peoples’ faces when they realise they actually can draw very well. They just need to be shown how.

Our gorgeous magazine is a free digital quarterly. Subscription is free. Subscribers are from thirty countries around the world with about a 50% split between Australian and International readers. Subscribers are sent a link to the magazine in PDF so they can download it to read when travelling and even to print out if they want. Subscribers are given first dibs on giveaways and competitions, as well as free goodies like fashion drawing templates and video tutorials when they are released.

All readers can access the current edition as an eMag at www.CreativeTravellerMag.com