World of Bamboo

Today we talk with Jon Francis, a bamboo expert who runs Bamboo classes in Noosa, about his recent trip to Bali.

The  Green School in Bali has been producing some amazing buildings in bamboo for several years now & was an exceptional experience to  visit some of these structures & stand in awe at the incredible craftsmanship the Hardy family have harnessed utilizing the skills of  mainly Balinese & Javanese people.  

I have  spent the last fifteen years researching the World of Bamboo, an amazing  plant having a multitude of uses, including providing a source of  building materials, furniture making, textiles & a source of food, especially in Asia, it has to be the most versatile plant on the planet.

I had moved to a property in the Noosa Hinterland where a selection of over 50 species had been planted at least 15 years before I arrived. I  was like finding a beautiful oasis,  as  bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than native vegetation I was on a  natural high imagining myself on an Asian plantation right here on the  Sunshine Coast.

A visit to the Bamboo Grove can be  quite invigorating, so much cooler walking amongst the majestic Giant  Grasses, that make their own music as the breeze moves their towering culms.