If you're in need of a smile, this dance class is for you

Today we learn about mudputty host Angie and her fun dance fitness classes.

Angie’s passion with Nia started 7 years ago.  Angie has always loved music and dancing, she was looking for something different where she could have fun and get fit at the same time.

Angie happened to see a demonstration for Nia Australia.  The biggest thing she noticed was that everyone had a smile on their face and were enjoying dancing to the freedom of the music that Nia invites.  It was done barefoot, no experience necessary, all fitness levels welcome.  Angie went to her first class and loved it so much she wanted to learn to teach so she could share this inspirational and motivational practice with others.

Nia awakens the senses and teaches you to love your body and connect to your heart and soul.  Nia inspires you to embody joy.  Body’s love Nia’s unique physical exercise, co-ordination and cardiovascular conditioning which allows you to choose how you move in your own way.

Angie invites you to adapt the moves to fit your body’s needs and connect to your creativity through self-expression where you get to infuse your own personality and feelings.  It is also an opportunity to dance with like-minded people, meet a caring community where everyone is valued for their own uniqueness.

Angie holds a nurturing space where you get to be yourself (no judgement).  She is very encouraging and guides you through movement to uplifting music, yet has a playfulness that invites fun and light heartedness into the practice.  She always gives you a choice how you want to move, there is no right or wrong in Nia.    

Angie loves seeing the joy on people’s faces and sensing the freedom they choose to dance in their own body’s way whilst connecting to their creativity through captivating music.

Angie through Nia always makes you feel welcome, have fun, feel creative and connect to your unique self.  It clears your mind, leaves you feeling energised, relaxed and alive.

You can view Angie's Nia classes at https://www.mudputty.com/activities/805